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6 Times to Keep CS&A in the Loop

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When you’re working as a candidate with CS&A, you might think your Placement Associate’s role is strictly to manage your file and send referrals in the initial phases of the search process. But your team at CS&A can be a valuable resource to you throughout your search, even after you’ve sent off your cover letters.

It’s always best to be frequently in touch with your Placement Team, even if all you have to report is that you’re still looking for the right fit. This leads to a better relationship with your Associate—and a more targeted search process. You should definitely keep CS&A in the loop in the following six situations.

1. Before any interview

It’s important to let us know when you’ve been invited to interview—in any capacity. Let us know about your phone calls, your Skype chats, and your trips to campus. This will help us put your search in context and understand what types of positions you find most interesting. Plus, we’re happy to give advice and help you prep—you can run any questions you might have by us and ask what you can expect from a certain type of interview at any given school.

2. When you're not really into the types of jobs we're sending you

Our application is lengthy and we like to talk on the phone with our candidates so we can truly understand your job search goals and send you opportunities that are a good match. But we're only as good as the feedback we receive. Rather than ignoring referrals we send or declining them without giving a reason, shoot your Placement Associate a quick note letting them know that they're not quite hitting the mark. Any information we get from you as to why the position or school isn't ideal will only help us do our job better.

3. After any interview, especially on-campus interview

After an interview, we want the scoop. Fill us in on how things went—the vibe you got from your interviewers, how you feel after learning more about the position, and, if you visited campus, how you felt you “fit” on campus or how your sample lesson went. Let us know how you’re leaning, and tell us if you have any concerns. This type of communication can be extremely useful for us. The next time we talk with that school, we can advocate on your behalf and let the school know how interested and excited you are about the prospect of working there.

4. When you’re made an offer

Let us know when you’re made an offer—even if it’s not from a school to which we’ve referred you. This can help us in our discussions with other schools you’re still considering, and we can help you navigate the details of subsequent conversations and decisions.

5. When you’ve signed a contract

It’s very important to let us know when you’ve signed a contract for the following year. We want to ensure that you are honoring the contract you’ve made with your current school, so it’s important that we know your plans as they unfold.

6. In sticky situations

Sometimes in a job search, a sticky situation will arise. Tricky encounters are inevitable, but how you deal with them is important for your reputation and for the connections you make with each school throughout the hiring process. If you’ve found yourself in a pickle (e.g., you’ve been made an offer when you have an interview pending at another school, you’re not sure about how to handle reimbursement issues, or you feel that the salary you’ve been offered is too low), ask your CS&A representative for advice. We're here to help you navigate that situation in the best way possible for both parties.


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