Health & Safety Guidelines

Providing a safe environment for hiring conference attendees is our top priority. We need your help to achieve this.

CS&A has implemented the following health and safety policies.

Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend any hiring conference.


Safety Measures

Our plan to ensure the health and safety of all participants includes the following:

Comfort Badges – Carney Sandoe will provide comfort badges to be used by participants to indicate their comfort level (i.e., red – wave hello; yellow – elbow bump; green – handshake). Each attendee will receive a set of all three badges to use based on how they're feeling each day.

Cleaning and Sanitation – Each hotel hosting a Carney Sandoe hiring conference is following in-depth cleanliness and disinfection protocols to help protect the health and safety of its guests. This includes, but is not limited to, frequent cleaning and disinfection routines with an emphasis on restroom and high touch areas and deep cleaning and disinfecting between days and events.

Personal Hygiene – Hand sanitizer stations will be provided near building entrances and in high-traffic areas such as meeting room corridors, lobbies and escalator/elevator landings.

Mutual Respect and Consideration – We ask that you conduct yourself in a manner that is our of respect and consideration for your fellow attendees.

Acknowledgement of Risk and Safety Procedures

Participation in a Carney, Sandoe & Associates event is entirely voluntary and anyone attending such an event acknowledges the inherent risk of the possibility of being exposed to and contracting an infectious disease. Attendees voluntarily and knowingly assume the risk of such exposure and infection by attending the event. Attendees agree to comply with all guidelines and procedures, including distancing and/or wearing of face coverings, that Carney, Sandoe & Associates or any conference hotel venues may implement.

CS&A has and will continue to closely monitor and incorporate CDC, state, city, and county public health and safety guidance as we plan for the event. Should conditions change, we will update event safety procedures according to that guidance.

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