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Presenting a New and Improved CandidateConnect

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The team at CS&A has worked tirelessly over the past year (and then some!) to build a brand-new CandidateConnect platform in order to make your job search with us even easier. We’re excited to bring both our new and returning candidates this sleek, user-friendly environment, and we’re hope you find it easier to use and more intuitive than the old platform.

Take some time to log in and look around the redesigned CandidateConnect, and keep reading for a summary of new features and some helpful tips and tricks!

What’s New in CandidateConnect?

Search Status: One of the most useful (to us and you) parts in the new platform is your ability to keep us updated on your search status. If you would like to put a hold on your search for a period of time, simply change your status to “Not Looking.” When closing your search, please fill out the text box that pops up to let us know why you no longer need to work with CS&A.

Screenshot of Status bar in CandidateConnect

Your Profile: It is important to take the time to complete as many of the sections under the “Profile” tab as you can. This information will provide us the essential details we need to send you the best-fit job opportunities.

School View: When in the “Profile” tab, you can now see how any school will view your profile online.

Confidential Information: Any section marked “Not Shared with Schools” will not be visible to schools.

Screenshot of Preview feature and Not Shared feature

Teaching/Administrative Interests: This section of your profile is one of the most important. Please make sure these preferences are ranked in order, starting with your most ideal position, then including other areas of interest. In this section, you can also include an open-ended response explaining your motivations for searching, which will only be seen by your Placement Team.

Puzzle Blog: We will post relevant blogs under the “What’s Happening” sidebar of your home page. Don’t forget to also visit our blog online to see our most recent posts and to search for answers any questions you may have.

Contacting Your Team: The new CandidateConnect makes it easy for you to reach out to your Placement Team right from the web (though reaching out via traditional email is fine as well).

Screenshot of What's Happening and My Team sections CandidateConnect

Tips & Tricks When Using the New CandidateConnect

Geographical preferences: Please take the time to review your preferences carefully. For each section/region/city, please select three stars if the location is your top choice, two stars if it’s not your ideal location but you are still very interested, one star if you would consider the location if it was the perfect job, and zero stars if you will not consider the location. Your top five states and additional comments are very helpful to complete as well. This information is not shared with schools.

Videos: We have a new and improved video platform! You can now record a video introduction that is added right to your profile for schools to view. This is a completely optional tool but can be a great way to enhance your file. You can also add links to videos you have uploaded onto other platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. These videos can be of you teaching a class, an video portfolio, or perhaps a project you made with students.

Screenshot of sharing existing videos with schools

Documents: When uploading a new document, please note that it may take up to 24 business hours before you can view it on CandidateConnect. Wait a few days before emailing your Placement Team if you don’t see your documents right away. Any new resumes or personal statements will automatically replace the older versions. Please let your Placement Team know if you would like to remove any of your letters of recommendation. You can also add a link to a personal webpage or additional documents held online.

Endorsements: Through our “Endorsements” feature under “My Materials,” you can reach out to people in your network and request that they share a few words in support of your job search. Whether they’re former colleagues, current supervisors, or trusted mentors, these individuals can highlight who you are as a candidate – in a quick, efficient, and personal way. Please note that you will have the ability to hide any endorsements you do not wish to be visible to hiring schools.

How Often Should I Login to CandidateConnect?

Although CS&A will email you with any important updates, we still suggest that you bookmark CandidateConnect and login frequently. Depending on the time of year, we recommend that candidates update and check CandidateConnect anywhere from once a week to once a month. In the busy season, you may want to check more frequently to make sure you aren’t missing any new referrals or messages.

Still have more questions? Check out the Tips & FAQs section found within CandidateConnect. Or search in our Puzzle Blog. Use the filter fields to search for keywords or topics related to your search (such as “letters of recommendation” or “personal statement”).

Screentshot of blog search filter

Not currently a candidate with CS&A but want to work with us? Apply online today!

LeeAnn Parker is a Placement Counselor at CS&A. She works with Theater and Drama candidates, and assists Todd Gochman with Biology, Life Science, Chemistry, and K-8 Science.

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