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Where Are My Referrals? A Waiting Game

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You’ve set up your CandidateConnect account, gathered your references, written a fabulous personal statement, and reviewed every detail of your profile to ensure it's in tip top shape. Your public school peers were busy interviewing all summer, and your friends working in international settings are in the thick of recruitment season. You’re ready to start checking out new jobs—and your fingers are even itching to draft a killer cover letter or two.

So why is the Referrals tab in your CandidateConnect account empty?

The Independent School Hiring Timeline

If you’ve worked with us before, you know that even if you’re ready to start your job search in earnest, that doesn’t quite mean that hiring schools are on the same page. It can be a bit of a waiting game for the first few months of a new school year, before schools know what their hiring needs will be for the following fall.

Independent schools follow a hiring timeline that differs from public and even international schools. The fall is typically still a slow time for recruitment, with schools only beginning to list positions—and even then frequently doing so confidentially—in a slow trickle. The volume of position listings will pick up near the end of the year, with the full deluge of positions coming after the first of the year.

But don't fret! Since you've spent the fall completing and optimizing your CandidateConnect profile, you have an advantage come the busy hiring season.

Getting Ready for the Hiring Season

How can you maximize the number of referrals you receive once positions are listed? Make sure your file is complete and up-to-date, so it’s ready to go when that first elusive position opens up.

Be as flexible as you can—the more geographic locations and school types you’ll consider, the more referrals you’ll receive.

Finally, get to know your Placement Team at CS&A so they know what you’re seeking in a new job and what skills you personally bring to the table. Schedule a time to chat with your Placement Counselor or Associate, and be honest with them about your needs and goals for the coming recruitment season.

Carney Sandoe is a free job search service for educators. We help you find your next exciting opportunity at k12 independent, private, charter, and boarding schools across the United States. By getting to know you personally, understanding your goals and needs, and serving as your advocate and guide, our mission is to find you a school community where you'll thrive. Start your free job search today.

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