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Two New Summer Institutes to Support School Leadership

Carney, Sandoe & Associates is thrilled to announce two new outstanding summer institutes aimed at cultivating best-practice leadership for heads of school and board leadership.  Both programs will take place this July, with participants continuing on in cohorts throughout the remainder of the year for continued support and sustenance.

The Well, which will be held in Chicago in late June, will work with heads of color as well as senior leaders of color.  Created by Darryl J. Ford, Vice President of Education Leadership Services, The Well focuses on the maintenance and sustenance needed for leaders to better serve their schools and themselves.  In collaboration with an incredible team of experienced professionals, the institute will address topics around racial literacy, crisis communication, team building and well-being. The line-up of impressive guest speakers will not only offer a valuable tool kit for leadership, but strategies for establishing mental and physical health practices that are essential in this current climate.  This 3-day retreat will explore opportunities and challenges and everything in-between that will nourish leadership potential for years to come.

The Green Mountain Institute, which will be held in Woodstock, Vermont in late July, explores the vital relationship between board chairs and heads of school. Beginning with a strong team of leadership coaches and guest speakers, this institute will present innovative structures for governance and collaborative partnership.  The team that leads a school begins with the head and the board chair. Their relationship is the scaffold that defines its culture and can be the compass that determines its direction.  This institute will facilitate conversations and communication between the two leaders while broadening leadership networks through meaningful relationships with other chairs and heads.  Goal setting will be revisited and assessed throughout the year by CS&A coaches, supporting participants in achieving their objectives throughout their time at the helm.

We’re so excited to offer these two new programs to leaders around the country to cultivate growth, camaraderie, and sustainability among the leaders of our schools.

The Well: June 23 – 26, 2024
The Green Mountain Institute: July 22 – 24, 2024

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