History and Social Studies Teaching Jobs

Do you ever feel that nothing's new? Do you see patterns and trends in politics and literature, and are you fascinated by the factors that affect historical and current events?

Do you become engrossed in history books, finding them as gripping as suspense thrillers — and maybe more so, because they're true? If this sounds like you, then you might be well-suited for a career as a history teacher in an independent school.

History Teaching Jobs at Independent Schools

As they increasingly adopt the principles of 21st century education, independent schools are placing a high value on the study of history, social studies, and the humanities. In fostering environments that cultivate well-rounded, knowledgeable Pingry School global citizens, independent schools encourage students to make connections between historical and current events, draw parallels between history and their own lives, and analyze the causes and effects of different movements and events in history.

In recent years, independent schools have expanded their history curricula, hiring history teachers to teach European History, American History, Medieval History, Ancient History, Non-Western History, Global Studies, Government, Social Studies, Humanities, and Geography. You will be a valuable, competitive history teaching job candidate if you are versatile and able to teach more than one concentration. All candidates should be well-versed in U.S., European, or World History in order to fulfill the school's required courses.

It should be noted that History is one of the most competitive fields in the independent school sector. Many qualified candidates are competing for a relatively small selection of jobs at top-rated schools.

Finding History and Social Studies Teaching Jobs Through CS&A

The CS&A History Teacher Placement Team works with history teachers at every career stage, from recent college graduates to veteran educators with decades of experience.

We also assist career-changers exploring the next direction of their working lives. Lawyers, college professors, and others will benefit from volunteering and working with children — particularly children of the age group they aspire to teach — in some relevant capacity.

We encourage you to apply for candidacy if your qualifications expressly include:

  • A master's degree (preferred) or bachelor's degree in history or a closely related field
  • Experience working with or teaching children, particularly in an independent, private, boarding, college-preparatory, or like-kind school setting
  • A love and enthusiasm for teaching history, social studies, and/or humanities
  • Strong references that convey your teaching abilities and connection with students
  • Knowledge of 21st century learning principles and techniques
  • Skills, talents, and flexibility for contributing to the school community in additional capacity, including coaching sports, advising clubs, or supervising a dorm at a boarding school
  • Additional history-related skills and work experience that can enrich an independent school community. For example: Organizing a history club, advising student publications, or serving as a liaison with a local historical society.

If you seek a history teaching job in an independent school, don't hesitate – apply now. Begin your job search here.

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