Latin and Classics Teaching Jobs

Your go-to reference texts bear the names of authors such as Plato, Thucydides, and Aristotle. You parse paragraphs for grammar with gleeful abandon, treating each word as a vital puzzle piece in the jigsaw of a sentence.

You think some of the most original stories and heartbreaking poetry belong to names like Homer, Ovid, and Catullus. You thrilled at the authentic Latin spells in Harry Potter, and you were rapt when watching Gladiator or Alexander the Great, and it was the historical and costuming inaccuracies — not the stars — that kept your attention. If you know that Classics are the furthest thing from dead and you want to share your passion with the fresh eagerness of a new generation, then you might consider pursuing a career as a Latin or Classics Teacher in an independent school.

Teaching Latin and Classics at an Independent School

The classics and ancient humanities have shaped not only our language but also our culture, history, and values. Consequently, many independent schools model their curricula on and encourage students to study the classics — whether Latin or Greek language, classical philosophy, or the history of ancient Rome or Greece.

The best Classics teachers in independent school demonstrate to their students the influence of classical cultures on today's world, from the building blocks the languages provided for modern grammar to the cognates that inform the vocabulary of English and the Romance languages. Latin and Classics teachers in independent schools marry the ancient and the modern in their classrooms, showing their students that the Classics are very much alive.

Finding Latin and Classics Teaching Jobs Through CS&A

CS&A's Latin and Classics Teacher Placement Team works with teachers searching for jobs at every career stage, from recent college graduates to department chair candidates. Prospective candidates who are looking to begin a new career in teaching should share information about their academic backgrounds and motivations for pursuing a classics teaching career.

We encourage you to apply for candidacy if your qualifications expressly include:

  • A master's degree (preferred) or bachelor's degree in Latin, Greek, Classics, or a related field
  • A demonstrated fluency in Latin or Greek
  • An understanding of classical cultures
  • Experience teaching Latin, ancient Greek, and/or Classics in an independent, private, boarding, college preparatory, or like-kind school setting
  • Thorough understanding of the literature and history of the late Roman Republic
  • Thorough understanding of the literature and history of Ancient Greece
  • A love of children, community, cultures, and languages in general
  • Strong references that attest to your teaching abilities, connection with students, and language skills
  • Knowledge of current trends in Classics pedagogy and scholarship
  • Experience using online resources and other technologies to enhance language learning
  • Skills, talents, and flexibility for contributing to the independent school community in additional capacities. For example: Coaching sports, advising extracurricular activities, supervising a dorm at a boarding school, etc.
  • Additional classics-related skills and work experience that can enrich an independent school community. For example: Advising a Classics or philosophy club, managing a language lab, or spearheading global education initiatives.

If you seek a Latin or Classics teaching job in an independent school, don't hesitate – apply now. Begin your job search here.

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