Studio Art Teaching Jobs

You are an artist. You feel most at home in front of your canvas, most comfortable squeezing clay in your hands, and most eloquent when aided by the easy expressiveness of a stick of charcoal or a paint-soaked brush.

If you want to instill your passion in the next generation of thinkers and creators, then a career as an art teacher in an independent school might be the right fit for you — and Carney, Sandoe & Associates can help.

Art Teachers at Independent Schools

While art teaching programs are often the first to suffer when schools cut their budgets, independent schools continue to embrace studio art as a basic tenet of 21st century education. Studio art education has evolved in response to globalization and technological advances. The rise of digital culture has created new artistic media as well as a network of open communication channels among artists and viewers. Independent schools welcome creative, enthusiastic, and talented art teachers who can inspire students in the classroom and teach them to study and create art in the digital age.

Finding Studio Art Teaching Jobs Through CS&A

The CS&A Art Teacher Placement Team is always looking for creative, enthusiastic, and talented teaching candidates. We work with art teachers in every career stage, from recent college graduates to veteran teachers with decades of experience. We also counsel professional artists looking to make career changes or assume part-time jobs as active members of an independent school's community.

We encourage you to apply for candidacy if your qualifications expressly include:

  • A master's degree in art (preferred), bachelor's degree in art, or other demonstration of mastery of your art medium
  • A love and enthusiasm for teaching art
  • Experience teaching children, particularly in an independent, private, boarding, college preparatory, or like-kind school setting
  • Strong references that convey your art teaching abilities, connection with students, and artistic talent
  • Skills and flexibility for contributing to an independent school community in additional capacities, such as coaching sports, leading extracurricular activities, serving as a club adviser, or supervising in a dorm at a boarding school
  • Additional art-related skills and work experience that can enrich an independent school community. For example: Set designing for school productions, advising on graphic design for student publications, or leading a photography club
  • While teaching certification is not required, it can be helpful

If you seek an art teaching job at an independent school, don't hesitate – apply now. Begin your job search here.

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