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You are thoughtful and objective, open to new ideas and eager for fruitful discussion.

You are goal-oriented, taking meticulous steps to achieve success. You truly believe in independent schools, and you are loyal to the ideas and missions of these institutions. If you want to create a learning community that is at once diverse, driven, accepting, and ambitious, then look no further — a position as an admissions officer at an independent school could be the perfect fit for you.

Working in Admissions at an Independent School

Admissions officers at independent schools have remarkable effects on their institutions. They select individual students who coalesce into a diverse, talented group that, at its very best, brings excellence and vibrancy to the classroom and community. Admissions offices at independent schools are often compartmentalized, and specific roles for officers include financial aid, international admissions, athletics liaisons, and alumni liaisons. Each officer must be well-versed in creative marketing, demographic analysis, targeted communications, enrollment management, and recruiting.  Admissions departments increasingly leverage social media to connect with families and, more directly, with prospective students.

The Director of Admissions is a key member of an independent school's leadership team. This individual communicates admissions office data and ensures that the school's mission and values drive the work of the department. Individuals in this role and this department are directly responsible for the ensured success and longevity of the school.

Finding Admissions Jobs with CS&A

The CS&A Admissions Placement Team works with schools to recruit admissions officers at all levels. Many officers migrate from teaching or other administrative roles because their schools value their authenticity, clarity of communication, warm demeanor, and drive. Still others come to the profession from an external field, such as human resources.

We encourage you to apply for candidacy if your qualifications expressly include:

  • A master's degree (preferred) or bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • Experience with recruitment, admissions, or a similar field
  • Skill or interest in public relations, communications, parent relations, strategic marketing, board relations, or school management
  • An engaging, positive, creative, and personable attitude
  • Strong references that convey your recruiting, marketing, and presentation abilities
  • Skills, talents, and flexibility for contributing to the independent school community in additional capacities. For example: coaching sports, advising extracurricular activities, supervising a dorm at a boarding school, etc.
  • Ability to communicate, self-organize, and accomplish varied tasks
  • Knowledge of 21st century educational tenets
  • Experience in recruitment techniques using digital marketing social media

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