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10 Facts: Why Job Seekers Should Attend Our Hiring Conferences

You've probably been seeing a lot about our hiring conferences lately. But what's the deal with them? If you're already a job seeker with Carney Sandoe, why should you be considering attending one?

We break down 10 reasons why hiring conferences are a no-brainer when it comes to your job search.

1. Conferences are the best way to get your foot in the door.

Our conferences connect you directly with hiring decision makers at schools from across the country. Meeting with schools early in the hiring season is important, and schools are telling us they are ready to begin their hiring processes now. Conferences give you the opportunity to get ahead of the game.

2. Registration is free for CS&A candidates.

Hiring conferences are meant to supplement your already free job search with us. There is no cost to register for any of our hiring events. Ever.

3. They are easy and efficient.

The normal interview and hiring process can be long and tedious, and taking time off for multiple on-campus interviews can be a challenge for educators. Where else can you meet with multiple schools in one day (or two)?

4. You can strategize about your job search in person with your Placement Team.

Sitting down to talk one-on-one with your Placement Team is an added bonus. Chatting before an interview you're nervous about or regrouping after meeting with several schools to share how things went ensures your Team is up-to-date and ready to advocate on your behalf to the schools you are most excited about.

5. Interviewing with multiple schools in one day is great practice.

Especially for newer educators or those starting a job search after a number of years, conferences help you hone your interview skills. Often hiring contacts will provide on-the-spot feedback or share notes with your Placement Team to help you improve.

6. You have the opportunity to learn about and meet with a variety of schools.

We always tell candidates to keep an open mind at conferences, especially when it comes to school types and location you never considered. It’s not uncommon for candidates to tell us they found their perfect job at a school that was outside their usual preferences!

7. Most conferences feature a job-seeker informational panel or two.

Hear job search tips from our expert Placement Team or listen to school representatives talk about transitioning from the classroom to a leadership role. One of the more popular panels is our resume roundtable, a chance for job seekers to ask specific questions about creating the perfect resume.

8. You can’t replace the effectiveness of meeting face-to-face with a hiring contact at a school.

After needing to interview virtually the past three-ish years, schools are craving in-person interviews and will be maximizing their interview time with candidates at hiring conferences.

Also, being able to make an impression in-person goes a long way. We've had schools tell us they remember meeting with a candidate who wasn't a good fit at the time, but reached out to them the following year once an appropriate role opened up. The connections you make at a conference will benefit you throughout your career.

9. The odds are in your favor!

When you register for a conference, your file is visible to all schools who will be in attendance — that's a lot of schools! Plus, the schools that attend are there actively engaging in the hiring process. They want to find the right people for their schools as much as you want to find a job you're excited about at a school where you'll thrive.

10. Did we mention they’re free?

It's worth mentioning again!

Experience our hiring conferences for yourself and take your job search to the next level. Check out the events we're hosting this year and talk to your Placement Team about which conference or conferences are right for your search.

P.S. A job seeker must be a registered, active CS&A candidate in communication with a member of our team in order to attend a hiring conference. Not a candidate with us? Apply today to gain access to these dynamic events.

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Danese Bardot 1/11/2023 at 7:08pm

I am interested in attending a FORUM. Would you have any additional information on participating schools?

    Julie Landis 1/12/2023 at 10:18am

    Hi Danese, your Placement Associate can give you information on all of our FORUMs and which schools are attending. Feel free to reach out to them!