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Your Conference Module Questions Answered

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Around two weeks before each hiring conference, registered candidates gain access to our Conference Module, a separate portal used for viewing interview schedules, browsing attending schools, and more. In this post, we answer some of the recent questions we've been hearing from candidates about the Module.

1. How can I schedule an interview with a school I am interested in?

Only schools can book interviews with candidates, not the other way around, and schools will make clear either in the Module or during the interview the position that they interested in you for.

2. Why can't I see the positions that schools are hiring for?

In order to give our registered schools the ability to fully control their schedule for the day and who they meet with, positions are not listed for candidates to see. Additionally, positions aren’t shown in the module because often schools don’t want to publicize open positions to candidates at this point because they are confidential openings. Some schools also don’t have a full picture of their hiring needs for the next school year, which is another reason why positions aren't shown.

If your qualifications and job search criteria match that of a certain position that a school is interviewing for at a conference, be assured that your Placement Team will send your profile to that school so they can decide to schedule an interview with you. If you are especially interested in a particular school who you see is attending a conference, you can reach out to your Placement Team to see if we have any details on the positions the school is hiring for. You can also reach out directly to a school through the Message Center in the Module (see #3 below).

3. Is there a way I can tell a school I'm interested in interviewing with them?

Schools may be attending a hiring conference for very specific hiring needs which may or may not match your background. If you are especially enthusiastic about wanting to meet with a particular school, we recommend sending the message of interest through the Module. Schools will have access to these messages even after the conference has ended so that they can follow up with you if they so choose. Please ensure that your messages to schools are short and tailored; be aware that cutting and pasting the same note to multiple school hiring contacts causes tech glitches and your messages will not be received by the school. Use these tips when messaging schools.

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