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The Road to Teaching

road to teaching

Congrats, you're a college student interested in teaching! We're so excited that you, like the thousands of educators we have worked with, have decided to pursue a career that is not only rewarding and fulfilling but especially crucial to our future. Teachers shape lives and are important role models for students, and we salute you for your commitment to education.

So how do you get from college freshman to first-year teacher at an independent, private, boarding, or charter school? We've laid out a basic timeline for your first three years of college with things you should be considering to enhance your resumé and build your teaching skills. Not everyone's road to a teaching job will be the same, and this is by no means the only approach to take (or the only correct one for that matter). Based on our years of experience working with schools and college students, these are just some suggestions for paving the way to finding your first job after graduation.

Still have questions after reading the infographic? Check out this page that answers college students' most popular questions.

road to teaching for college students



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