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Virtual Hiring Conference Etiquette Explained

After holding all of our hiring conferences virtually in 2021, we're excited to be hosting two in-person and two virtual hiring conferences in 2022. Since interviews are being done over the phone or on Zoom instead of in person, what does that mean in terms of best conference etiquette practices?

Whether hiring conference season is just kicking off or almost wrapping up, it's never a bad idea to refresh our candidates on conference etiquette. Check out the tips below curated from questions we often receive from candidates during conferences — but with an updated virtual twist.

Should I send a thank-you note after the conference?

We definitely encourage you to send a note thanking a school for their time and indicating your continued interest in the position. While handwritten notes have a lot of charm, emails are perfectly acceptable and actually give the recipient an easy way to continue the conversation with you. An email sitting in an inbox has more potential for a response than a card that can get easily misplaced. If you do choose to use snail mail, make sure you send it ASAP.

What sort of attire should I wear in a virtual setting?

Just because interviews are being held virtually, it doesn't mean they should be taken any less seriously than an in-person interview. Dress as you would for a normal interview. Business attire is usually acceptable.

Can I skip an interview if I'm not interested in the school or position?

You can cancel an interview if you're not interested, but it is strongly discouraged to simply skip a scheduled interview. If a school has gone through the task of finding your profile, reviewing your resume, and scheduling an interview but you're truly not interested, be sure to cancel the interview using the Conference Module. Schools would like to fill that interview slot with another candidate. When it comes to interviews at our conferences (both virtual and in-person), common courtesy should always prevail.

What should I do if I have internet or phone issues or my dog won't stop barking?

In today's world full of spotty Wi-Fi, misbehaving pets, and urban noise, we have all learned to use a bit more empathy when interacting virtually. School contacts are no different. If something disrupts your interview, acknowledge light-heartedly that it happened. If a call drops or you audio/video stops in Zoom, take a breath, assess the situation, and see how you might move forward. We encourage you to do the best you can to ensure an uninterrupted interview environment, but we all know these are extraordinary times that require some compassion.

Can I message a school if I don't have an interview scheduled with them?

Yes! Use the Message Center in the Conference Module to send messages to hiring contacts indicating your interest. We recommend doing this a few days before the event. Sending a message doesn't guarantee an interview, but it's a way to introduce yourself to the school. Lastly, schools receive a lot of messages — so keep them brief and clear, and don't be offended if you don't get a reply. Read more about the Message Center here.

The school I'm interviewing with missed the start of our scheduled interview and I can't get a hold of anyone. What do I do?

This can happen from time to time. Sometimes the school had an interview scheduled with another candidate before you and just needs a little extra time to wrap up. If the school told you they would call or contact you and you do not have a way of reaching them directly, don't panic. Send the hiring contact a message in the Conference Module letting them know you were looking forward to the interview and that you hope you can reconnect at some point. Give the contact a few times that work for your schedule.

Hopefully these answer some of the questions that might come up during a hiring conference. If you ever have a question related to etiquette, or anything for that matter, always feel free to ask your Placement Associate. We hope to “see” you at an upcoming virtual conference!

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