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Supporting Boarding Schools Since 1977

At Carney, Sandoe & Associates, we believe there is nothing more important than helping schools hire and retain exceptional faculty and leaders. Our expert recruitment and search teams carry out that belief one teacher, one leader, one school at a time. We partner with schools to ensure that they — and the people who shape them — continue to thrive and serve the wider world.

Our Process

We know that every school is not created equal: a stand-out candidate for one community might not be a good match for another. Our experience, passion, and diligence allow us to make the right match between a school and a candidate.

Our recruitment process is a deeply personal one. We take the time to learn the unique culture of each school, and we invest heavily in forming long-lasting relationships with our hiring contacts. Backed by decades of institutional knowledge, personal connections, hard data, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, we take the success of our clients as our personal mission.



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Whether you list two positions with us or 20, becoming a CS&A Member School has considerable advantages.

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Placement or Retained?

If you’re interested in finding the best candidates to fill a position at your school, you can work with either our Placement Group or our Search Group (or both).

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Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion – both within our own organization and among the educational communities with whom we partner.

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