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The School Year is Drawing to a Close: 4 Things to do in June to Recalibrate

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This is the time of year that can be exhausting and exhilarating, all at the same time. Whether you are working in schools, or attending one, there is no question that everyone is feeling like summer is within reach. Yet, there is still so much to wrap up before leaving the school year behind.

As you pack up your classroom, dorm room, or office for the summer months and you burst through the front doors into the warm weather, it is easy to leave your career goals in your wake. You have some well-earned relaxation ahead of you, but it is an important time to take a moment, while the school year is fresh in your mind, to remember what you’ve learned.

These four lessons can help guide you into your vacation so that when fall rolls back around, you can continue to thrive.

1. Reflection

It might be difficult to even fathom reflecting on your school year as you race to finish final projects, write progress reports, and attend end of the year events. However, it is always a great time to jot down the successes and challenges you faced. This can be cathartic and self-affirming. Validating what you have accomplished, while also giving yourself the space to recognize what didn’t work for you, is a healthy way to bring closure to the year.

2. Gratitude

While no career is without struggle and frustration, it can be easy to focus on the negative. However, recording what you have been grateful for is a significant part of wrapping up the year. Whether it is acknowledging the impact you had on a student, being proud of an engaging lesson you planned, or reveling in the appreciative letters you received, moments of gratitude bring you back to why you work in education in the first place.

3. Dream

Gratitude can reinvigorate your passion for what you do. Now that you have time away from school, give yourself permission to dream big! Telling yourself that you don’t have the qualifications for your next career move could be inaccurate. Whether you want to stay in the classroom and take on more mentorship responsibilities or you want to think about administration, let yourself think about these possibilities without composing the road map yet.

4. Network

Summer can mean social gatherings, time with friends, and improving upon existing connections. Proudly talk to people about what you do, in addition to asking them about their areas of expertise. You never know who might be able to assist you in helping you grow as an educator.

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Martine Garoute 6/1/2023 at 4:12pm

Thank you, Julie for posting these thoughtful ideas. It is so helpful to pause, be grateful, and reflect. I am sure many teachers appreciate your support.😃