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Why I Loved Working at a Boarding School- part 2

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We're less than two months away from CS&A@TABS in Boston, our hiring conference dedicated to giving CS&A candidates the opportunity to interview with multiple hiring contacts from some of the finest boarding schools across the nation. We're especially excited about our first event of the year because we have long been advocates of the extraordinary educational communities that boarding schools provide. These institutions are unique, mission-focused schools with committed, passionate groups of educators who are always eager to discuss innovative ideas and learn new ways of teaching and leading. Boarding schools represent some of the finest schools in the world, and are filled with motivated and bright students who make a teacher's or administrator's work extremely rewarding.

We shared why one CS&A staff member found her job at a boarding school to be a transformative experience. Here, one more explains what he valued about his time working at these schools before joining our firm.

Rice BryanRice Bryan
Placement Associate

Which school did you teach at?
I taught at Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, MA, where I also went as a student (in addition to Holderness School). Eaglebrook is a junior boarding and day school for boys in grades 6-9.

What drew you to the boarding school environment?
As a student, I loved the camaraderie among the student body and, as an only child, Eaglebrook provided with me 250 brothers! As an educator, I wanted to surround myself with talented and committed educators who are intellectually engaged, eager to improve, devoted to mission, and committed to knowing students as full-fledged human beings–and a boarding school checks off all those boxes.

What subject did you teach?
I taught English, coached, and was a dorm parent. As Eaglebrook is grades 6-9, the dorm duty was so important. Helping students that age get their homework done is important, but they need so much more than that. They needed an advisor, a mentor, and a role model. And every so often, they needed a cheerleader and a motivator, even just to get through their morning routine. It sounds like a lot of work and at times it was. But the benefits of being able to form those relationships and impact a student's life far outweighed the challenges. I love the all-encompassing environment that comes with working at a boarding school. You are helping students beyond the classroom.

What kind of teacher thrives in the boarding school environment?
I'll answer this by sharing who my favorite teacher was and why she inspired me to work in boarding schools. Among many, my favorite teacher was Kate Knopp, who taught English at Holderness. I took 10th and 12th grade English from her. She encouraged me to write, to be creative, and take risks. She was also a ski racing coach, and I came to Holderness having lost some love for the sport which I had done all my life. She instilled in me a love for ski racing just by taking me aside for a few hours and skiing with me. We talked about growing up in Vermont, her ski racing career, and we just enjoyed skiing. It was a beautiful teaching moment. That’s the kind of teacher who thrives at a boarding school. Teachers who teach all the time, not just in the classroom.

Interested in working at a boarding school? If you’re a current CS&A candidate, talk to your Placement Team about attending CS&A@TABS on December 6, 2019 in Boston, where we’ll be welcoming boarding schools from across the nation who are looking to find passionate teachers like you!

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Graham 8/16/2022 at 11:27pm

This is perfect for all the parents that is planning to send their kids at a boarding school. This article is an eye opener. Parents could see the point of view of the teachers at boardings school and it would help them decide if this is something that they want their child to experience.