We are the education experts.

Carney, Sandoe & Associates has long been recognized as the leader in Head of School search and support services for K-12 schools and educational organizations. We have an unmatched record of partnering successfully with institutions of learning all across the nation and globe.

Our Consultants are all former schools Heads of School with years of experience. They proactively search the market and use personal networks and CS&A’s database to deliver vetted pools of excellent candidates for your most important leadership positions.

Just the Right Size – Our size provides our clients with the intimacy and immediacy of a small bespoke experience, while offering the resources, technology, market insight, and network of a globally-connected firm.

Stakeholders in Independent and Like-kind Education – We are stakeholders in independent schools, and as such, our searches do not compete for resources among hundreds of much larger organizations. Likewise, our firm possesses resources that independent school-focused firms cannot match.

Flexible Approach – During our years serving independent and like-kind schools we have learned that a flexible approach to a search–that takes into account the unique qualities of the school, the specifics of the departing leader’s tenure, and the sentiments of the wider community–is the best way to work.

Consultants as Well as Recruiters – We embrace that we are consultants as well as recruiters. We bring to bear our experience and understanding as life-long educators to all matters pertaining to a search. We understand the various constituencies at play, and we appreciate how challenging it can be to run an independent school.

The End of the Search is Just the Start of a Successful Appointment – CS&A understands that the appointment is just the beginning of the hard work for a successful transition. That’s why our consultants remain a resource for schools well beyond the hire. We commit not only to consulting actively during the transition, but also to coming back to campus 100 days into the headship to meet with stakeholders and keep the transition on track.

Committed Allies – CS&A hosts an annual Diversity Forum in Philadelphia. The two-day conference, attended by over 1,200 educators, provides professional development to aspiring leaders of color and facilitates increased diversity hiring among PK-12 schools. CS&A also holds an annual Women’s Institute in Boston. The event brings together women educators from all over the country, and world, to provide discussion, panels, coaching and lasting mentorship.

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