Sloane Meyer Placement Associate: Social Studies/History, Religious Studies/Ethics/Chaplain; Director, New Graduate Program

What was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school was history. I was very lucky to have three outstanding teachers who really made history come alive while teaching skills that I’ve carried with me my entire academic career. Being a history nerd led me to pursue history as a major in both undergrad and graduate school and culminated in teaching history for five years at the high school level.

What is your favorite city?

I have lived in a number of fabulous cities, but my favorite would have to be Paris. Even after living there for a year in graduate school, I never feel like I’ve seen it all. As a historian of Medieval France, Paris will always be a city of treasures and endless adventure

What are three things you never leave home without?

Three things I never leave home without: my planner, the New Yorker, and an updated Spotify playlist.